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About us


(Analytics, Control Technologies and Operations Research) is a startup company of Sapienza University of Rome  which supplies services based on models, methods, and algorithms of control, optimisation, forecasting and simulation for the design and management of complex devices and systems. 

ACTOR addresses decision makers of companies and organizations with the aim of  proposing integrated software solutions able to attain an optimal usage of resources, greater effectiveness, reduction of costs and limitation of risks.

ACTOR is born from the idea of 5 university professors of the Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering (DIAG) of Sapienza University of Rome.

ACTOR proposes itself as an instrument of the third mission of the Universities, which implement the technology transfer from the academic research to applied research for corporate decision making.

The corporate structure of ACTOR is integrated by a company which contributes specific competence in the innovation management.

The academic component

Alberto De Santis, Professor of Control Systems: his research activity deals with dynamical systems modeling, time series analysis, forecasting techniques, image processing and recognition

Gianni Di Pillo, Professor Emeritus of Sapienza University of Rome and CEO of ACTOR, internationally known for the development of mathematical optimization methods, with applications in several practical fields

Stefano Lucidi, Professor of Operations Research: his research activity deals with different classes of optimization problems, with particular reference to the training of neuralnetworks and support vector machines

Laura Palagi, Professor of Operations Research: her research activity deals with different classes of mathematical optimization methods, with recent interest on optimization methods for machine learning

Massimo Roma, Professor of Operations Research: his research activity, besideds of nonlinear optimization methods, deals with simulation models  with particular Mission

The corporate component

Research Wings SRL is the corporate component, which brings expertise in company management, with main reference to the management of innovation processes..