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ACTOR combines related and complementary skills in engineering, applied mathematics and control systems. It addresses decision-makers of companies and organizations that deal with producing goods and services with the aim to offer Advanced Analytics solutions to better manage resources, contain costs, and maximize the efficiency and productivity of the company. 

ACTOR encodes fast mathematical algorithms based on operations research and mathematical optimization techniques. Using these methodologies, it is possible to exploit the information in the available data to obtain both complex forecasts and assessments of the impact of possible decisions that arise in different scenarios and opportunities. 

ACTOR develops optimization, control, forecasting, and simulation models and algorithms in different contexts, such as for instance:

  • Optimization in engineering design 
  • Optimization, and simulation in the management of health systems 
  • Optimization of itineraries in the cruise sector 
  • Consumption forecasts in the energy sector 
  • Sales forecasts in large-scale distribution 
  • Failure detection in the fashion sector.

Design and research

Operations Research provides decision support systems based on advanced tools of computational mathematics and computer science. ACTOR provides companies with integrated management support solutions, using mathematical modeling to analyze complex contexts, and operations research to optimize performances.

All of this allows you to take more effective decisions and build more productive systems based on:

  • more complete data
  • review of all available options
  • accurate forecasts of results and risk estimates
  • use of cutting-edge decision-making tools and techniques
  • an integrated approach to decision making

Research areas

  • In the field of modeling, simulation, and optimization, Actor invest in different areas of research:
  • Design of efficient local nonlinear programming methods
  • Methods for global optimization problems
  • Methods for mixed integer nonlinear optimization problems
  • Methods for derivative-free optimization problems
  • Methods for training Neural Networks or Support Vector Machines
  • Modeling and Data Analysis
  • Simulation-based Optimization
  • Linear Filtering and Identification
  • Image and Video processing
  • Machine Learning

ACTOR collaborates to the development of DFL-Derivative Free Library which makes available optimization algorithms that do not use derivatives.